"A Christmas Fantasy Parade" at Disneyland

For those who were not able to visit the Disneyland Resort this Christmas, we bring you photos of Disneyland’s “A Christmas Fantasy Parade”.  Next year, a new parade will be presented during the Holidays.  It is unknown what aspects of this very popular parade will be included next year…

An overstuffed teddy bear

Ballet Dancer in Music Box

Wooden Toy Soldiers Marching Band

Santa’s Elves

Pluto putting the star on top of the tree

Daisy helping decorate

Mrs. Claus sitting around letters to Santa from different countries

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger sledding

Welcome to a Winter Wonderland

Skating Snowflakes

Snowmen and Snow Women

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ice skate in a frozen pond

A kiss under the mistletoe

Eeyore dragging his upside down sleigh…he never gets a break! 😉

Gingerbread Men and Clarabelle the Cow

Recipe for Gingerbread Treats

Gingerbread Men Dancing

Princess Aurora and Prince Philip

Princess Ariel and Prince Eric

Belle and Beast

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Chip and Dale

Woody riding an over-sized Rocking Horse on blocks

Gepetto overseeing the Gift Wrapping machine with Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio

Buzz Lightyear and Aliens


Grumpy and Doc


Santa’s Reindeer

and Santa Claus rounds out the parade

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