Baby Centers / Lost Children

The Baby Centers located in the parks offer almost anything you may need or have forgotten for your little ones. They sell diapers, wipes, baby food, toddler food, and other products geared towards the need of infants and young toddlers. They have high chairs to make feeding easier. They also have screened-off areas for mothers who are breastfeeding as well as equipment for mothers needing to pump breast milk.  


You will also find Toddler sized toilets, wonderful changing tables complete with wipes and, perhaps best of all, quiet little rooms with curtains for privacy so that you can nurse or feed your baby…each room has a rocking chair. 
They will only allow one adult per child to enter the station. There is a cast member that makes sure only a few people come in at a time to ensure this peaceful non-chaotic place remains that way. A wonderful retreat when the baby just needs to calm down from a day of over-stimulation. For mothers needing to lay down and breast feed, you can use the private cots at First Aid.
Disneyland: The end of Main Street, U.S.A., next to First Aid.

Disney California Adventure: Next to The Bakery Tour in the Pacific Wharf.

Downtown Disney District: No Baby Centers are offered in Downtown Disney. Any Lost Children found in the Downtown Disney District are taken to the location inside Disneyland Park.

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