Admission Prices Over Time

From Disneyland’s opening day until 1982, the price of the attractions was in addition to the price of park admission. Park-goers paid a small admission fee to get into the park, but admission to most of the rides and attractions required purchase a book of tickets that consisted of several coupons, initially labeled “A” through “C”. The coupons were also sold individually. “A” coupons allowed admission to the smaller rides and attractions such as the vehicles on Main Street, whereas “C” coupons were used for the most common attractions like the Peter Pan ride, or the Tea Cups. As more thrilling rides were introduced, such as the Monorail or the Matterhorn bobsled, “D” and then eventually “E” coupons were introduced.

Coupons could be combined to equal the equivalent of another ticket (for example, two “A” tickets equaled one “B” ticket). From the thrill ride experience at Disneyland, the expression “an E ticket ride” is used to describe any exceptionally thrilling experience.

Later Disneyland featured a “Keys to the Kingdom” booklet of tickets, which consisted of 10 unvalued coupons sold for a single flat rate. These coupons could be used for any attraction regardless of its regular value. Obviously it would behoove the buyer to use these for the most thrilling attractions or rides.

In 1982, Disney dropped the idea for individual ride tickets to a single admission price with unlimited access to all attractions, “except shooting galleries”. While this idea was not original to Disney, its business advantages were obvious: in addition to guaranteeing that everyone paid a large sum even if they stayed for only a few hours and rode only a few rides, the park no longer had to print tickets or ticket books, staff ticket booths, or provide staff to collect tickets or monitor attractions for people sneaking on without tickets.

One Day, One Park Admission Over Time:

1981 = $10.75*
1982 = $12.00
1984 = $14.00
1985 = $17.95
1986 = $18.00
1987 = $21.50
1990 = $25.50
1991 = $27.50
1993 = $28.75
1994 = $31.00
Jan 1999 = $39.00
Jan 2000 = $41.00
Nov 2000 = $43.00
Mar 2002= $45.00
Jan 2003 = $ 47.00
Mar 2004 = $49.75
Jan 2005 = $53.00
June 2005 = $56.00
Jan 2006 = $59.00
Sept 2006 = $63.00
Sept 2007 = $66.00
Aug 2008 = $69.00
Aug 2009 = $72.00
Aug 2010 = $76.00 
June 2011 = $80.00
May 2012 = $87.00
June 2013 = $92.00
May 2014 = $96.00
February 2015 = $99.00
* previous to 1982 passport tickets were available to groups only.

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