BOOK REVIEW: Disneyland Secrets by Gavin Doyle


Are you or someone you know a Disneyland fan?  Do you think you know all of the secrets of the Happiest Place on Earth?  We (and Santa Mickey) have a perfect gift this holiday season.

Our friend, Gavin Doyle, editor of, has compiled and written this great book with over 160 pages of trivia about the Disneyland Resort.  It is easily organized into each ‘land’ to make reading easy and fun.  It is the perfect companion to your visit to Disneyland to test your friends and family.  It also offers some back story behind each nugget of trivia magic.

Do you know why Disneyland’s address is 1313 Harbor Blvd?  Do you know what two-digit number is found throughout Space Mountain and why?  Were there fish in the Rivers of America?  Where did Splash Mountain get its name?

You can find these secrets revealed and much more. I am a Disneyland fan, visiting Disneyland for over 40 years, and an Annual Passholder for over 20 years.  I learned something new on page five!  I love and recommend this book!

It is available at Amazon as well as Kindle.

CLICK HERE to purchase today

Want more secrets?  After purchasing the book, Gavin offers bonus materials as well.  You can also follow him on social media including Facebook.

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