Disneyland Ticket and Annual Pass Price Increase Information


The Disneyland Resort raised ticket prices including parking, MaxPass, and Annual Passes.

“Disney doesn’t even have an off-season anymore,” said Martin Lewison, a Disney price expert and assistant business professor at Farmingdale State College in New York. “Disney is in that special rare position where they can raise prices and their attendance won’t dip, or, if it does dip, it won’t be that much.”

In 2016, Disneyland changed the way it sells tickets from a single standard ticket price. This system of surge pricing has become standard across entertainment and travel industries. In Disneyland’s case, ticket prices are divided among “value,” “regular” and “peak” days. On days projected to be the most crowded, a one-day, one-park ticket will now cost $149, up from $135.


  • Value: 1-day, 1-park was $97, now $104
  • Value: 1-day Park Hopper was $147, now $154
  • Regular: 1-day, 1-park was $117, now $129
  • Regular: 1-day Park Hopper was $167, now $179
  • Peak: 1-day, 1 park was $135, now $149
  • Peak 1-day Park Hopper was $185, now $199
  • 2 Day, 1 Park Tickets was $210, now $225
  • 2 Day Park Hopper Tickets are $280.00
  • 3 Day , 1 Park Tickets are $300.00
  • 3 Day Park Hopper Tickets are $355.00
  • Premier Annual Pass (valid at DLR and WDW) now $1,949.
  • Signature Plus Annual Passport was $1149, now $1399
  • Signature Annual Passport was $999, now $1149
  • Deluxe Annual Passport was $729, now $799
  • So Cal Annual Passport (on hiatus – only renewals) was $469, now $549
  • Select Annual Passport was $369, now $399
  • Parking was $20.00, now $25.00
  • MaxPass was $10.00 a day per person, now $15.00

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