DID YOU KNOW??? Free Replacements

Most parents have been there…you shell out $6.00 or more for a balloon only to have your little one let go of it and you watch your money float away above the peak of the Matterhorn and beyond.  Did you know that if you lose or pop a balloon while at Disneyland, you need to only ask a balloon vendor for a replacement, and you will receive a new one free of charge.  

Most parents have had this happen as well.  Your little one wants a sword like Captain Jack Sparrow carries, you shell out $15.00 for it, and they carry it around the park hitting everything, and eventually it breaks, before you have even left the park.  Or, you bought the pirate sword they have been wanting, only to realize they also sell light sabers in Tommorowland which is what they really wanted all along. 

Did you know that if you break a souvenir, such as a sword or ceramic mug, you may receive a free replacement, provided you still have the original receipt and you purchased it that day.  In addition, guests who purchase a souvenir at one shop, and decide they would rather have a different souvenir at another shop may show their receipt, pay the price difference if any, and exchange the souvenir.  You can even leave the old souvenir in the new shop. 

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